Комментарии: CentOs 7 Firewall Part -I и не только Wed, 28 Nov 2018 05:16:37 +0000 hourly 1 Автор: PatVax Sun, 28 Oct 2018 21:09:59 +0000 Is this a fresh install? After I installed CentOS Firewalld is failing because Iptables are unable to be used.

Автор: narayana harave Sun, 28 Oct 2018 21:09:59 +0000 Thanks you for a useful video but 2 minutes in, you say "the main thing is you need to make sure that firewall and iptables don't work together because they conflict"

Page 73 of the RedHat security guide says:

"A graphical configuration tool, f irewall-conf ig, is used to configure firewalld, which in
turn uses iptables tool to communicate with Net f ilter in the kernel which implements
packet filtering."

I am totally new to Linux so when I hear people saying things which contradict the official manual its easy to get confused. Can you please confirm what you meant by your comment?

Автор: Linux King Sun, 28 Oct 2018 21:09:59 +0000 CentOS 7 Firewall Part I posted on YouTube. Please Support LZH — Project ( Linux Zero To Hero)